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In Fashion on June 30, 2011 at 8:49 am

Picture from toggs

Australia being generally hotter than Blighty, means that they’re used to running about in summer outfits – it’s not just one day of heatstroke for them, they have whole seasons of HOT. I can only say that I am exceptionally jealous, as whilst I literally turn blue in the cold, I can bask in ridiculously high temperatures quite happily. Having said that, when I lived in Australia for one, warm year, I got to the point when I longed for knitwear, trousers and shivery nights stood on cobbled streets, the rain pelting down, illuminated by iron lamps.

I digress. The point is Australian’s have marvelous swimwear that fits like it should and looks darn good.

For boys: TOGGS

For girls: Zimmerman


gems – Bryony Crane

In Art, Diary on June 30, 2011 at 8:28 am

All Illustrations by Bryony Crane

Well, for me the last couple of weeks have been highly frustrating and slightly ridiculous. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly revolving around horrid old money. Or new money, to correct myself. However, what continues to astound me, and makes me very happy, is the utter generosity and kindness of other people. When times get bad, the best thing to do in the world is to spend time with good people, and for having these a flap away, I am truly grateful. Something I never expected though, was how this absolutely stretches to the mighty internet, where the support for Lionheart Magazine, and fellow strifes, is nothing short of amazing.

When I first rambled on about Lionheart Magazine, it was a mere twiglet of an idea, but the reaction to it was a surprising confirmation that I probably should actually do it.Then I decided to definitely do it and now I am DOING IT. Throughout I’ve had messages from a broad range of talented and wonderful people, offering to lend their skills to the [roaring] content of the magazine. I never predicted such a positive reaction and so far, I’ve had some tremendous words and pictures. This really is INCREDIBLE and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Bryony‘s Lion!

One of the first Lionheart specific illustrations I received, was from Bryony Crane. Bryony is an illustrator whose work contains beautiful detail and vibrant life within each piece. Her lion (above) is so full of power and confidence, it’s perfect as a reminder to all, that there is a LION INSIDE of everyone. I love it and look forward to seeing it in real life print! Recently graduated from the South Coast of England, Bryony is available for commission, so get in touch!

Love this bunny one.

Pretty Headdress and Wild Garden

In Craft on June 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

I love headdresses. As soon as they’re on, it’s like getting into character, throwing caution to the adventurous spirit within you and opening your eyes to what could be. Especially during the summer months, when the sun has the potential to be out and the festival spirit allows for more flamboyant dressing. The heated days and evenings set steam upon desires and wishes, all the better to do so with a whisker of glitter and an outfit of confident splendour.

I also think independent crafters are really, very excellent. I admire their dedication, attention to detail and creativity – Lionhearts. I was delighted to recently receive a headdress created by Ella Masters. I purchased it a little while ago and was very pleased when it arrived in its cornflake packet. It’s so pretty, made of thick tan letter and finished with buttons, lace and feathers, it shall be worn and handed down for decades of lionettes, I know already. My cat, Francois, immediately adored the headdress and of course tried to eat the feathers, but it has now been removed from his ginger paws and sits happily next to my other collected headbands and headdresses.

In other small news, I’m also happy to report that my garden has been flourishing of late and we have been eating lettuce for weeks now.

Just the lettuce, but small things and all that. Here are a couple of pictures, as I also wanted to show you the wildness of the garden. Quite – an abundance of weeds, but very pretty in my opinion. I’m planning on a little gardening bit in Lionheart Magazine. Whether you have a enormous field, modest garden, patio, balcony or window ledge, it is possible to grow something – and keep it happy and importantly, alive. After destroying many a plant, I have learnt some valuable lessons on plant maintenance these past few years and now I have flowers in the garden and eat lettuce everyday. Exactly!


Fundraising we love you

In Diary on June 23, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Money is such a bore in many ways. But it’s true, it allows you to do many a thing. Like buy premium cat food, good cheeses and cashmere sweaters. It could also potentially allow for a magazine to be published, my magazine!

The true fact is, I need to raise big load of cash if I’m going to print Lionheart Magazine. So, it’s high time for lots of ‘ooh, look what I can offer you!’ as well as an indiegogo campaign that allows generous people to whack in a couple of pounds (or dollars in the case of the website – NOT dodgy) via the internet.

It would be like buying someone a drink. A lion, like buying a lion a drink. A couple of pounds from lots of people, obviously means a very happy lion. A very happy me. And, ahhh look; Lionheart Magazine is a whisker closer to being published. JOY!

I will be working tirelessly to try and raise the money. If you have any ideas as to how I can raise the required £3,000, then do not hesitate to let me know. I will write for anyone, make a million cakes, wash cars, walk for miles and do ALL I can to raise the costs for this magazine.

Also, if you know of anyone that would like to advertise in the magazine, my rates are nice.

Very kindly, Martin Booth publicised my plight on his website, Bristol Culture. Many thanks to him and fingers crossed for the fundraising! 44 days to go.

If you would like to donate, you can here. I am also selling my writing services on the campaign site, for a bargain price.

I love Lionheart Magazine, I knew it would be a struggle and it is, but that’s fine. I’m collecting my content and it’s taking my breath away.

Hels xoxo

Bleubird Vintage Interview

In Interviews on June 17, 2011 at 10:50 am

I do love reading Bleubird Vintage . Following the beautiful Miss James and her ‘little family’ in Texas is a refreshing delight. Miss James has thousands of devoted readers from around the world, yet retains the feel that you are sharing an iced coffee with her at the cafe down the road. She also makes the simple values in life like family, nutrition, craft, knowledge and being happy within yourself – whilst admitting to occasional human errors, something to be extremely proud of and hold onto.

These values are also central to Lionheart Magazine, and I am very happy to announce that the first issue of Lionheart Magazine will have an interview with Miss James. I am sure it will be an inspiring read.

Thank you Miss James! xoxo

Georgia Coote designs for Lionheart

In Art on June 15, 2011 at 12:35 pm

I’ve been a fan of Georgia Coote‘s work for some time. We have worked together on little writing/art projects before and I knew she would create something beautiful, imaginative and perfect for Lionheart Magazine. As I have said before, I am adamant that the magazine is printed and not merely online – this here blog is the online bit – and I really wanted a pull out for the middle, so readers can tak it to their walls (be careful with blue tak on renting places!), or just look at it, or whatever. I think it’s a nice little addition to a magazine, and in fact there will be many bits you can snip and store away, or just keep the magazine as a whole, to flick through and use as a coffee mat. Georgia‘s design (above) will be one side of the pull out, then there will be another design on the other side, equally stunning. I am sure you will agree that it’s a wonderful pattern; pretty yet strong and just the sort of print style I adore. I wish I could turn it into wallpaper and plaster all my walls with the design. Lionheart intense!

Georgia is currently working as a freelance designer, running art workshops for many different community groups.

This animal baby suit pattern is very sweet.

“I aim to make art accessible for all, and to show people skills that they can later develop and continue to use. The workshops have a relaxing atmosphere and provide encouragement and inspiration within the group.”

“Some organisations I have worked with in the past include: SNAP, Maldon Mind,New Opportunities Havering, The YMCAand Chelmsford Mencap.”

Georgia also makes jewellery.

Lovely summer dress pattern here.

I really like her little ‘About Me’ on her website:
“Pretty floral teacups, Raymond Peynet Books, Men with beards (well, one in particular), The Cha Cha Cha, Vintage fabrics, Being a redhead, Mountainous slices of cheesecake, Al Green’s ‘LetsStay Together’, Surprise parcels in the post & Polka dots.

“I graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design in 2006 after studying Contemporary Textile practices. Primarily inspired by pattern and the printing process, I am also inspired by conversational pattern design, a vintage colour palette and just about everything around me. I love to create quirky, warm designs that are uplifting and good for the soul. These designs can be applied to textiles, stationary, ceramics and all manner of surfaces. I live in Chelmsford, Essex with my graphic designer husband. He loves……. The smell of a new book, tinkering with technology, and a good hearty pie.”

Thank you Georgia!


Cherry Healey is writing a piece for issue one of Lionheart Magazine

In Diary on June 9, 2011 at 3:52 pm

So… wonderful news for all potential Lionheart readers out there, the excellent Cherry Healey will be writing a piece for issue one. I interviewed Cherry a little while ago (found here) and she has been ever so supportive of my scribing and Lionheart Magazine from seedling stage.

Cherry is a television presenter, writer, wife and mother. Her documentaries shown on BBC3 last year; Cherry: Goes Drinking/Gets Married/Has A Baby/Goes Dating and her latest documentary on breastfeeding, have all stimulated discussion on the female milestones and daily hurdles and wonderment of being a modern woman. Cherry‘s friendly and approachable personality comes across perfectly in in her writing, interviewing and presenting – she is real, like you and I.

When I interviewed Cherry I was in some form of quarter life crisis (Quite. New fangled stereotype is me.), desperate to achieve everything, terrified of achieving nothing. It was drama central, with no stops for a breathing. I had moved into a flat together with the recession, a mad career choice, a ginger tom cat called Francois and curly haired boyfriend in my bag. Ta Da! I’m not alone, it turns out. There are other quarter life crisis, life panickers out there. My interview with Cherry was a mini floodgate opener – hurrah for sisterhood! I still am slightly AKK! – starting a print magazine is a RISK and a half – BUT I think that people like Cherry Healey are great models – for women who are real, true life and interesting.

Because that’s what Lionheart Magazine IS. Real, true and interesting. I hope. So, thank you Cherry, can’t wait to read your words.


Bleubird blog + non-smiling face + Kris Atomic

In Art on June 9, 2011 at 10:24 am

Liberty pretty pattern, makes me happy.

All illustrations by Kris Atomic, from Brighton, UK

I was catching up on reading blogs today – I got back from Ireland late, after a two day INTENSE trip (press trip = grand, but very different to my usual methods of exploration/travel writing) AND I can completely sympathise with Miss James of Bleubird Vintage. I am often accused of a ‘grumpy looking’ face, or indeed when I am smiling, people seem to assume I am extremely ditzy. I am neither of these things. My face must be rather odd to evoke these reactions though and it’s frankly delightful to see a poster that reflects the sentiments of those behind the face. I am sure my face is a mixed up picture when I talk of Lionheart Magazine – but the important thing is that I am happy when I think of it and my lion heart is an unwavering beat. Note: I am tired and therefore must be allowed an element of shameless tat talk.

If you look at Kris Atomic‘s website – it’s very beautiful. I love the fashion style posts and the smartly dressed animals. Her style has an ounce of the past, in its simple sweeps, but with oodles of snappy wit and subtle nods to cheekiness. I like.

Grey Reverend

In Music on June 6, 2011 at 1:16 pm

So much on my mind. It’s all going to be ok.

I heard this song and it’s become the theme for Monday June 6. To me, it is very free, unashamed and from a solitary place. It’s as if the song is in your mind and the music is coming from you. This song has travelled with me all day and soothed my vulnerable Monday feeling. By Friday, my armour will have returned.

Jason Swinscoe, MR Swinscoe – of The Cinematic Orchestra discovered Grey Reverend shortly after relocating to NYC. He used to get his coffees from a shop run by a girl who had a very talented, musical brother… It happened like that.

From Brooklyn, Grey Reverend AKA; L.D. Brown, has now worked with Jason Swinscoe for four years and will have an album out on his label; Motion AudioOf The Days.

Lists + Dublin

In Diary on June 6, 2011 at 8:43 am

I found out on Friday that I am going to Dublin this week. Very exciting, as I haven’t been there – but to connect a flight – ever before. This is a press trip holiday, my very first. My own holidays will be consisting of camping for a little while, I am assuming. Sleeping next to a surfboard and squashed onto a deflating air mattress. Chica boo.

So, because of this Dublin trip, my whiteboard to do list has to be smartened up and I need to up my game. I have to make two days now cut out of the week, into something fine and sweetly smooth. I’m thinking about the various options – including lugging my usual stack of research around with me, using a library for a couple of hours and – my usual- notepad and writing at impromptu moments. But you can never forsee the writing/lack of. Luckily I shall not be there on a Sunday afternoon, because all that tends to come out is melancholy, nostalgia and hyper-sensitivity. Ah, I can warble on at these times.

Really two days shouldn’t matter anyway, I will be a lot busier (hopefully) soon, for various reasons. List, lists, lists! These are the answer.

My whiteboard is fun, but frankly I prefer paper/stationary. Charlie (my bf), likes to make lists on Excel. EXCEL, I ask you! I don’t think lots of little boxes make up for the joy of a notepad scribe. Here are some pretty ones. (Never can write on the front page though.)

All notebooks from here.