This magazine will change your life.

In Diary on June 3, 2011 at 10:59 am

This blog is to be a diary of sorts, on the journey of my new magazine. A dream, a love and an idea. Everyone in ‘the business’ has said in no uncertain terms, that I am crazy to do this, but I have belief. What’s more the support I have had has proved to me that there are people that may even like what I have planned. This magazine will change everything.


Here I am on my little swivel desk. The sunshine is streaming through the window and the birds are tweeting. It’s like some sort of cartoon movie. My ginger cat, Francois, is stuck in the light, cotton curtains, trying to catch a fly the other side of them, and I have a steaming cup of tea swishing as I type on this wobbly table. Never meant for working. Never meant for the production of a magazine.

Blimey, a magazine.


I first thought of the idea a million years ago. There I was scribing an essay in my bedroom, considering the characters of a creative writing piece for year four. I was immersed in them, imagining every scene – couldn’t  tell you what happened in the story now- I think it was set in Wales though, as that’s where I’d been on holiday. I was proud of my words. I remember standing up on the carpet, in my green checked uniform, on stage/in front of the class. I read out my story with pride. Often I’d put on little plays in the afternoon for the class too. We (my theatre company) rein acted Jim from Neighbours’ heart attack and pretended to be The Little Mermaid – among other plays. When you’re small, you probably have more idea of what you want to do than when you’re older. Like late teens and early twenties. That’s a confusing time. &**%££%%

After dabbling in drama, law, psychology, newspaper journalism, editing, PR, countless internships, freelance writing for various bits (mostly for free – so that doesn’t really count as freelance, FREELANCE) and spending a long while on my blog:, I have now realised/decided/come to the ridiculous conclusion – to start my own magazine.

This is to be a creative, fun, inspirational, beautiful and goodly magazine. I think there are other people out there like me, that would love a publication full of interesting interviews, craft ideas, investigations, small stories, illustration, recipes, fashion and excellent written thoughts. A different magazine.

Initially I had the wonderful Emily Burt on project mag. with me. But alas, she could not continue. However, without her I would not have the utter and total faith that THIS PROJECT WILL WORK. She is amazing and I hope she succeeds in her own two businesses (I know! Respect).

The same day that Emily said that she was pulling out of the magazine, I had a marvelous and inspiring meeting with Mark Taylor. A man who started producing zines at 16 (The Smiths fanzine no less) and has since worked for The Times, Guardian and as Music Editor for The Bristol Evening Post. We share an admiration for Bill Callahan and as it turns out, many other things too. We discussed the dream follow route, the classic routes available to writers/journalists and the reality of magazine production. I’m not sure I will ever be allowed to have a mortgage. As well as this, it became clear that the thoughts I have on my new magazine are genuinely not exceptionally silly. I left feeling more committed than ever to this venture. No matter what happens, I AM starting a magazine. And it is going to be something I and my team, will be proud of. This is most important.

I wish I had copious cash, but I don’t. So it’s going to be an enormous struggle. However I have planned it out, and I have some incredible contributors. Which I will reveal when I can. People believe in the magazine and this is what matters. I want readers to become immersed in it, as I did with my year four imagined characters – believing I was Jim… and I become engrossed in the characters, emotions and worlds, real and imagined, every time I write. It’s splendid to fall into something and come out feeling different, better and (hopefully) inspired. There is so much out there to embrace and I want to embrace it.



  1. Sounds exciting. I’ve found myself pretty fed up with magazines at the moment (besides my favourite, Oh Comely) because I finish them and it seems all they’re really useful for is cutting up to make collages.
    Your magazine seems like a worthwhile mission. I’d buy it.

    Good luck!

  2. Such an exciting adventure. I look forwarding to reading about it and the finished product one day (soonish).

  3. I can’t wait Helen; I have every faith in you. It’s going to be amazing and I think you’re making a risk, yes, but it will be very worthwhile. Good luck!! xxx

  4. Ahhh yeyey!

  5. Thank you so much @Chloe – yes I do that too, I want Lionheart Mag. to be fulfilling. This is key. @Michelle – fingers crossed it will be soonish! thank you! @Rachel Lewis- thank you for having faith in me, I hope it will be something everyone who contribute will be proud of. @Faye – YAY!

    Helen xx

  6. I like your spirit! 🙂 Good luck. Will keep an eye on this blog.

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