Lists + Dublin

In Diary on June 6, 2011 at 8:43 am

I found out on Friday that I am going to Dublin this week. Very exciting, as I haven’t been there – but to connect a flight – ever before. This is a press trip holiday, my very first. My own holidays will be consisting of camping for a little while, I am assuming. Sleeping next to a surfboard and squashed onto a deflating air mattress. Chica boo.

So, because of this Dublin trip, my whiteboard to do list has to be smartened up and I need to up my game. I have to make two days now cut out of the week, into something fine and sweetly smooth. I’m thinking about the various options – including lugging my usual stack of research around with me, using a library for a couple of hours and – my usual- notepad and writing at impromptu moments. But you can never forsee the writing/lack of. Luckily I shall not be there on a Sunday afternoon, because all that tends to come out is melancholy, nostalgia and hyper-sensitivity. Ah, I can warble on at these times.

Really two days shouldn’t matter anyway, I will be a lot busier (hopefully) soon, for various reasons. List, lists, lists! These are the answer.

My whiteboard is fun, but frankly I prefer paper/stationary. Charlie (my bf), likes to make lists on Excel. EXCEL, I ask you! I don’t think lots of little boxes make up for the joy of a notepad scribe. Here are some pretty ones. (Never can write on the front page though.)

All notebooks from here.


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