Bleubird blog + non-smiling face + Kris Atomic

In Art on June 9, 2011 at 10:24 am

Liberty pretty pattern, makes me happy.

All illustrations by Kris Atomic, from Brighton, UK

I was catching up on reading blogs today – I got back from Ireland late, after a two day INTENSE trip (press trip = grand, but very different to my usual methods of exploration/travel writing) AND I can completely sympathise with Miss James of Bleubird Vintage. I am often accused of a ‘grumpy looking’ face, or indeed when I am smiling, people seem to assume I am extremely ditzy. I am neither of these things. My face must be rather odd to evoke these reactions though and it’s frankly delightful to see a poster that reflects the sentiments of those behind the face. I am sure my face is a mixed up picture when I talk of Lionheart Magazine – but the important thing is that I am happy when I think of it and my lion heart is an unwavering beat. Note: I am tired and therefore must be allowed an element of shameless tat talk.

If you look at Kris Atomic‘s website – it’s very beautiful. I love the fashion style posts and the smartly dressed animals. Her style has an ounce of the past, in its simple sweeps, but with oodles of snappy wit and subtle nods to cheekiness. I like.


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