Cherry Healey is writing a piece for issue one of Lionheart Magazine

In Diary on June 9, 2011 at 3:52 pm

So… wonderful news for all potential Lionheart readers out there, the excellent Cherry Healey will be writing a piece for issue one. I interviewed Cherry a little while ago (found here) and she has been ever so supportive of my scribing and Lionheart Magazine from seedling stage.

Cherry is a television presenter, writer, wife and mother. Her documentaries shown on BBC3 last year; Cherry: Goes Drinking/Gets Married/Has A Baby/Goes Dating and her latest documentary on breastfeeding, have all stimulated discussion on the female milestones and daily hurdles and wonderment of being a modern woman. Cherry‘s friendly and approachable personality comes across perfectly in in her writing, interviewing and presenting – she is real, like you and I.

When I interviewed Cherry I was in some form of quarter life crisis (Quite. New fangled stereotype is me.), desperate to achieve everything, terrified of achieving nothing. It was drama central, with no stops for a breathing. I had moved into a flat together with the recession, a mad career choice, a ginger tom cat called Francois and curly haired boyfriend in my bag. Ta Da! I’m not alone, it turns out. There are other quarter life crisis, life panickers out there. My interview with Cherry was a mini floodgate opener – hurrah for sisterhood! I still am slightly AKK! – starting a print magazine is a RISK and a half – BUT I think that people like Cherry Healey are great models – for women who are real, true life and interesting.

Because that’s what Lionheart Magazine IS. Real, true and interesting. I hope. So, thank you Cherry, can’t wait to read your words.



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