Pretty Headdress and Wild Garden

In Craft on June 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

I love headdresses. As soon as they’re on, it’s like getting into character, throwing caution to the adventurous spirit within you and opening your eyes to what could be. Especially during the summer months, when the sun has the potential to be out and the festival spirit allows for more flamboyant dressing. The heated days and evenings set steam upon desires and wishes, all the better to do so with a whisker of glitter and an outfit of confident splendour.

I also think independent crafters are really, very excellent. I admire their dedication, attention to detail and creativity – Lionhearts. I was delighted to recently receive a headdress created by Ella Masters. I purchased it a little while ago and was very pleased when it arrived in its cornflake packet. It’s so pretty, made of thick tan letter and finished with buttons, lace and feathers, it shall be worn and handed down for decades of lionettes, I know already. My cat, Francois, immediately adored the headdress and of course tried to eat the feathers, but it has now been removed from his ginger paws and sits happily next to my other collected headbands and headdresses.

In other small news, I’m also happy to report that my garden has been flourishing of late and we have been eating lettuce for weeks now.

Just the lettuce, but small things and all that. Here are a couple of pictures, as I also wanted to show you the wildness of the garden. Quite – an abundance of weeds, but very pretty in my opinion. I’m planning on a little gardening bit in Lionheart Magazine. Whether you have a enormous field, modest garden, patio, balcony or window ledge, it is possible to grow something – and keep it happy and importantly, alive. After destroying many a plant, I have learnt some valuable lessons on plant maintenance these past few years and now I have flowers in the garden and eat lettuce everyday. Exactly!



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