gems – Bryony Crane

In Art, Diary on June 30, 2011 at 8:28 am

All Illustrations by Bryony Crane

Well, for me the last couple of weeks have been highly frustrating and slightly ridiculous. This is for a variety of reasons, but mostly revolving around horrid old money. Or new money, to correct myself. However, what continues to astound me, and makes me very happy, is the utter generosity and kindness of other people. When times get bad, the best thing to do in the world is to spend time with good people, and for having these a flap away, I am truly grateful. Something I never expected though, was how this absolutely stretches to the mighty internet, where the support for Lionheart Magazine, and fellow strifes, is nothing short of amazing.

When I first rambled on about Lionheart Magazine, it was a mere twiglet of an idea, but the reaction to it was a surprising confirmation that I probably should actually do it.Then I decided to definitely do it and now I am DOING IT. Throughout I’ve had messages from a broad range of talented and wonderful people, offering to lend their skills to the [roaring] content of the magazine. I never predicted such a positive reaction and so far, I’ve had some tremendous words and pictures. This really is INCREDIBLE and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Bryony‘s Lion!

One of the first Lionheart specific illustrations I received, was from Bryony Crane. Bryony is an illustrator whose work contains beautiful detail and vibrant life within each piece. Her lion (above) is so full of power and confidence, it’s perfect as a reminder to all, that there is a LION INSIDE of everyone. I love it and look forward to seeing it in real life print! Recently graduated from the South Coast of England, Bryony is available for commission, so get in touch!

Love this bunny one.


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