two particular things that made me happy this week

In Art, Music on July 1, 2011 at 9:12 am


1. c/o Emily, who said it “makes her want to make ART work again”. This is a very good thing, as her own paper art skills are a wonder. Art for art.

There have been a collection of paper sculptures with clues linking them with Ian Rankin‘s books, left all around Edinburgh, by an ‘anonymous individual’.

Quote from the Guardian:

‘The Filmhouse creation is a model of a cinema, with a tiny paper Rankin sitting in the audience drinking a bottle of Deuchars and warriors on horseback leaping from the screen. The National Library, meanwhile, received a model of a coffin and a gramophone sculpted from a copy of Rankin’s novel Exit Music. A note left with the Filmhouse’s model read “For @filmhouse – a gift – In support of Libraries, Books, Words, Ideas … & All things *magic*”, while a quote from Francis Ford Coppola, “I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated”, was cut and pasted onto the model.

Earlier this year, the Scottish Poetry Library found an intricate paper tree on a table, alongside a note saying “this is for your support of libraries, books, words and ideas”. A gold-leafed paper egg shell beside the tree contained delicate paper bunting, which when unfurled made up the Edwin Morgan poem “A Trace of Wings”, an elegy for the poet Basil Bunting.’

2. c/o Carmel

Carmel and I were torn apart by graduating and choosing different places to dwell. Silly. To overcome our voids, we often send youtube music videos, as opposed to writing enormous essays to each other. Although we do also do this, as well as sending each other packages full of miscellaneous; tea bags, bracelets, tops we don’t want, candles, glitter, postcards and cuttings. But the youtube videos are a quick nod, ‘maaaate’! Sometimes they say all that needs to be said. Plus on a competitive level, we can try and outdo each other with new music discoveries.

The other day, Caramel Carmac McCarmellicos, sent me this, by Andrew Bird. I implore you to listen to it.

Happy weekend xoxo


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