Pastel Tres Leches

In Food on July 11, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Nook Eatery

One day a long time ago, I had a day off work which I decided to use with a trip to London and the darling old theatre. It was the winter of the flu virus and alas, after doing the online test the day before my London trip, I was convinced I had been struck by the beast. I couldn’t speak or move, I was boiling hot and I was extremely sorry for myself. But I had tickets to a show and I decided that as well as needing TLC, I was not very contagious and I could definitely stomach most types of food. I could probably also buy a dress. At a push.

So I walked in a daze to the train station with no voice to my name. Once there I met my parents in Islington. Communication was difficult, but we/I steered towards the Mexican cafe I was fond of after an internship in the area a while back, and proceeded to show them videos on my camera of my flat and cat. ‘Look! Our lovely little place! Happy!’ I said with my eyesssss.

Anyway, as well as watching the wonderful Breakfast At Tiffany’s with Anna Friel that day, I experienced a taste sensation that was Pastel Tres Leches – aka three milk cake. A rich mexican cake, topped with soft meringue.

Strike a light.

Delicious. AS delicious as Parkin Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding. It made me extremely happy sitting in that little Mexican cafe in East London. Indeed as we strolled around ‘the rest’ of London, between screaming silence with all my might, I vowed to make milk cake.

Obviously I didn’t. But the other day whilst on twit, I came across the recipe. Marvelous, I know! This recipe is from Nook Eatery, which is a ‘cosy eatery in Stellenbosch’, South Africa. I implore you to make it. I definitely, definitely will, it’s perfect for a summer evening. Or a winter one. In fact any darn time.

Ah South Africa. Never been, would love to.


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