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In Active, Food on July 24, 2011 at 12:08 pm

The trouble is that there is so much to write about. So many people, places and worlds to discuss, question and ponder on. Everywhere I go these days I see 1) Lions – they’re everywhere; doorknobs, statues, graffiti, biscuits. Everywhere. 2) Features.

Yesterday, SATURDAY, my boyfriend and I got up early and ceased the day by cycling 15 miles (?) to The Walled Garden, just outside of Wrington. We first tried to drive here a while back and ended up at someone’s house named, coincidentally, The Walled Garden. Right village, wrong place. Blame smart phones. After we asked some locals where to find the secret garden however, we found it up a steep hill.

We were immediately entranced with the beautiful and abundantly colourful, lush garden. Stone walled and with a mesmerising view that with the misty skies, felt poetic and as if time and city had utterly deserted us. Sadly the famous Ethicurian cafe was closed for a wedding that day, but we vowed to return to the pretty place.

So with lavendar wafting the wall’s exterior, we entered the garden and cafe with our bikes yesterday. Like a blanket of summer, the garden’s warmth and growing vegetation was bright and life infusing. We sat, faces to the sun, and legs stretched on the wooden benches. We drank large cups of coffee and ate sticky toffee and apple cake. Before leaving we wandered around the cafe, pretty glass bottles filled with wild flowers, brightly coloured yet delicate artwork, thick wood and enormous windows, framed with white paint.

I often think about what my cafe would be like. I spend so much time in them and find them fascinating (see my article here from a year or so ago). I’d love to write a story and find out more about the greatness that is The Walled Garden and The Ethicurian cafe. I sort of want to keep it as secret as I can, but then Lionheart is to be a treasure chest, full of gems.

  1. and have you met the guys that run it? they’re lovely! the walled garden is my equal favourite (with the lido) of places to hang out.

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