A taste of the feature

In Blog, Photography on July 29, 2011 at 10:54 am

The idea of living somewhere with no foundations appeals greatly. Homemade, homegrown, home sweet. We are just about to leave for a wedding in the Lake District. Some lovely friends marrying and then leaving to travel around the world on their bicycles for a year and a bit. It’s not that they’re remotely escaping, they love it here, but it’s the sense of wonder at what else there is that gets – and has got – them. Tomorrow is a day that can be different to today in every way.

Whilst it’s a joy making somewhere (with traditional walls and roof) a home, I will always pick weeds and plonk them in a vase, living, NOT in a house/flat/somewhere with a sturdy roof and walls, will always interest me. This will be shown very clearly in a feature in issue one. I am lucky enough to know a brilliant photographer and friend, Stella Mason, who has illustrated this interest and love perfectly. Two uni fellows living a different dream.

I’ll tell you about the wedding when I get back. Congraulations Emily and Tom! Have a great weekend xoxo

I’ll leave you with a favourite song – Emily and I share a love of Roy Harper. This is the moment I realised his greatness, SEE.


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