South America

In Travel on August 5, 2011 at 9:40 am


South America is a place that fascinates me. I’ve forgotten what it is like not to want to pop over for a year or three. The colours, mountains, waves and music; it looks, sounds and I imagine, feels absolutely incredible.


One of the best live music shows I’ve ever seen was Quantic and his Combo Barbaro in September 2009. These are a group of highly animated and sparkling musicians Will Holland (Quantic) put together whilst in South America. He flew them all over for a collection of shows around the UK. After a feisty, positive and beautiful performance, I was left invigorated and in awe.

Holland speaks here of the group and album; Tradition in Transition (Tru Thoughts), in an interview with Sounds and Colours:

‘The Combo Bárbaro is a group made up of musicians I met in Colombia and Panama. I wanted to make a record that was directly influenced by the variety of popular music in Latin America. Up until then I’d recorded Latin music and alot of Soul music both in live and sampled form, but I wanted to make the Combo a live band playing a combination of Funk, Latin and more symphonic sounds, like a mixture of records I like from Panama, Colombia and Brazil’s heyday. The catalyst for the record was having Malcolm Catto come over from the UK and record a weeks worth of sessions with me and several key Cali musicians, including Alfredo Linares.’

Tradition in Transition: A Postcard from Cali (TRAILER) from Quantic on Vimeo.

I saw the film that accompanies the album a few weeks before and was captivated by the spirit within it. Particularly the young school teacher, the lady singing in this video below. When we saw them on stage, she was pregnant and brimming with joy and happiness. As I said here in my review: ‘Particularly marvellous was Pacific folklore singer and award-winning writer Nidia Gángora who sang her vibrant song, Un Canto A Mi Tierra, in a stunning, white twirling, embroidered outfit with a straw hat and an exceptionally broad smile. As well as legendary Panamanian soul singer, Kabir, whose deep sounds were filled with rhythmic passion, respect and pride.’
For the full review: click here.

I love this song.

Happy Weekend xoxo

  1. wow i would love to take this trip it sounds absolutely fantastic!

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