In Diary on August 9, 2011 at 2:41 pm


Imagine, if you will. That you’re running. You’re running through fields of corn and wildflowers. To an oasis of calm, where fear doesn’t reside. Your breathing is gentle and strong arms surround you. You’re safe and because of this, life for you is as sweet as a honeybee’s. Looking out for other buzzing bees, you work in your hive, drink nectar, then drift and float drunkly in the haze.

Imagine you’re running. You’re running away, because you’re scared. For your breathing, for your calm, for your life, for other’s lives. Fear shoots through you as your hive is destroyed and your wings can’t take you away fast enough. The arms you thought would only ever be wrapped around you, have loosened. You’re scared.

No one wants to have this fear of continued and further rioting, it’s suffocating and pointless. It’s senseless violence and stealing, proving that there are people who really, genuinely just don’t care. Why it’s happening must be tackled, but it needs to stop. It’s ruining and sad for millions of innocent people. No one should feel unsafe in places they’ve never considered dangerous, like their homes and businesses. Rioting has occurred many times before in this world, it’s true, but it is definitely not the answer. Anger and violence is never the answer.

Thoughts are with London and with everyone.


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