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Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

The other day I met up with the stylist for the Lionheart fashion shoot. The fashion shoot is something that will have to be done artfully, as the Lionheart budget isn’t too hot. However, I – along with many other people like me – spend my time working out ways of doing what I would like, creatively. This goes for everything, from food to interiors and of course, fashion. Ultimately I prefer this; I think extra hard about what I purchase, try my hand at crafting more often and through one incredible piece, have a sense of satisfaction that beats any sort of unnecessary bulk buy. Fast fashion isn’t my bag, but beautiful pieces with stories behind them definitely works.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was sat with the stylist Sian Hogan, and we were discussing all and sundry. I couldn’t describe what I wanted for the shoot, a million words instead of a sentence or two, and a scrap book rammed with an explosion of ideas. However, after sitting, drawing, thinking and pondering, it was of course obvious as to what would be perfect. We don’t want to create something that is necessarily what you would be expecting. This will be a fashion shoot, but purely from us and not motivated by what’s on the High Street.

Though, there will be some high end fashion influences within the shoot and the magazine. Issue one will feature an interview with ethical fashion designer Jeff Garner, of Prophetik – his story, words of inspiration and thoughts on style are meant to be remembered. I was absolutely in awe when I watched his show at London Fashion Week this February. Another collection (this one I didn’t see live) – and designer – that struck a chord is that of Temperley’s – truly wonderful, feminine and glamorous. Each piece holds a story, full of sophistication and beautiful adventure.

Several of my favourite A/W 2011 Temperley pieces follow:

Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

As an aside; my most desired wedding dress by Temperley

  1. I fell – deeply, hopelessly – in love with the Temperley A/W 2011 collection. Ethereal and lovely, it is the sartorial equivalent of ‘romance’.

    Look forward to seeing the fashion shoot…

    Sarah x

    P.S: Having only just discovered this blog – A lazy bugger? Me? – I am already rooting for you, Helen, and your spirited, indomitable conviction to craft a new magazine.

    Good luck, good luck, a million times good luck.

  2. Me too, A/W was beautiful. My perfect fashion – romance is the wonder. Sorry for my late reply to this comment, thank you so, so much for the good thoughts and vibes re: the magazine. I’m trying my very best to put something out there, that people will love and keep. I absolutely appreciate comments such as yours, spurring me on! Many thanks to you.

    Helen xx

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