Blog posts on money and body confidence for Cherry Healey

In News on August 15, 2011 at 9:24 am

Cherry‘s new docu-series began last Monday on BBC3 at 9pm, this time on parenting, money and body confidence. Cherry asked me to write a couple of blog posts for her own blog, which of course I was delighted to do for her.

Post on money – click here. Money episode is on tonight.

Post on body confidence (it’s enormous) – click here. On next Monday.

I was joined as a guest blogger, by some brilliant people; including make up artist to ze *stars*, Arabella Preston and Liv Purvis, who has done an excellent personal style feature for Lionheart Magazine.

ALSO: Don’t forget you’ll be able to read Cherry‘s piece for Lionheart Magazine in the first issue. Exciting, yes!

In other news, the magazine is continuing to be a joy and wonder. I LOVE it more and more everyday.

This week however, after a total lack of days off, my bf and I are off out the country. To Wales. Or maybe Cornwall (sort of abroad). Anyway, on an adventure. Just for a few days. I will take his nice camera and attempt to perfect the fuzzy background clear foreground shots, we all know and love. Either that, or you will have blurry shots of bf surfing. Certainly some of the food and sea. 99% adamant that I will be thinking Lionheart thoughts regularly.


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