In Beauty on August 29, 2011 at 2:30 pm

The benefits from the rose are numerous: the scent has long been used to soothe the mind; rosebud tea feels like a hug and tastes like serenity; rose moisturiser feels fantastic smoothed over the skin – as does rosewater used as a tonic for the face. It’s also fantastic in icing; lemon and rose cakes are delicate and beautiful.

I found this (pictured) rose and frankincense moisturiser locally for £3.45 and it feels like a dream. It’s quite thick, but smooths on perfectly. I have sensitive and sometimes quite dry skin, so it’s hard to get a hydrating, simple balance; I also occasionally forget to moisturise, then cake the stuff on to counteract it in my mind/wrinkled future. I’ve purchased ridiculously thick creams – every winter – thinking I need them, for my wind blasted face – and lusted after the recommended products that promise dream skin. When actually, I think all I need is a natural little pot of goodness.

I love the scent as I drop off to sleep. I wonder if it’s behind my dream last night. I was atop a ship, sitting looking out to sea with an elderly man called Horatio. He held a staff and was dressed in a thick, knitted blue jumper – a printed waistcoat over the top and trousers made from sheepskin. The air was fresh and though we swayed with the heavy waves, I wasn’t cold or at all perturbed by the ship’s movement. I could feel the softness of Horatio’s furry trousers on my ankles, and the scratchiness of his jumper on my arms. We looked forward to nothing, but nodded to adventure, travel and the future of the unknown. I felt absolutely contented and filled with confidence in the moment, that I was strong and could cope with whatever came before me. A map didn’t exist. He was was going somewhere different to me. I remember he gave me a locket and filled me with his good wishes.

Moisturiser from Amphora


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