LFW snapshots No.1

In Diary on September 21, 2011 at 8:35 pm

I didn’t mean to do this, but check out the Panama. Another one chalked for the hat.

For some reason, I see Harrison Ford when I look at this hat. A Harrison Ford movie. A beautiful woman, a man with stubble, moody tendencies and a strong jaw – bit of a Don Draper. Hate/love/hate/love/love.

Right next to Harrison Ford. I can’t even explain how perfect this is/would be. Perfect.


Boots are brilliant.

Can you imagine? Like a thousand chocolate ad’s mixed with the Labyrinth and a Midsomer Night’s Dream.

Hat people.

Wearing very nice nightwear and drinking gin. Onboard a train.

This looked stunning. Long, floaty and important.

Really cool workwear.

Goddess shoes

Serious fashion.

Pretty stairs

Presenter within a circle of fabric streaming girls. Equally hilarious and ridiculous.

I know.

The sparkle was blinding.

Perfect accessories.

Zandra Rhodes



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