Temperley S/S 2012

In Fashion on September 29, 2011 at 2:10 pm

My love for Temperley has only been strengthened by the S/S 2012 show. Inspired by Grace Kelly and the beauties of the silver screen, the collection is elegant, luxurious and full of theatrical and real movement. It’s not brash or blinding, but delicate and extremely beautiful. Light cream, iced blue and tan colours, sit with bright red lips and silk headscarfs, guiding you around the pool and across the lawns, to the sea. Stirring a Tom Collins, the world looks as if it were a dream. As if it were something from a film.

What with the weather clearly having some kind of heat rush, time spent looking and lusting after this Temperley goodness seems justified. Temperley dress in the evening; completely viable for right about now. Were it not for the sun being so low and the brown leaves scattering the floors, I’d think we were in a time when August used to be muggy and hot in England. Alas, I am sure next week the knitwear will reign again.

All photos c/o Temperley Press


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