In Diary on October 10, 2011 at 8:20 am

It’s been very chaotic here at Lionheart HQ. I have been working extremely hard on several different things – trying to get it all working fluidly and desperately wanting to research and care for all the new feature ideas and projects that keep popping into my mind. In short, I’m working five different jobs at the moment and it’s a bit mad. Three are helping to pay for Lionheart/food – freelance writing, working in a vintage/fancy dress shop and blogging for Bath In Fashion (very exciting for Lionheart too) – then another one is a charity job (which will over in two weeks) and one of course, is the Lionheart itself. The big/main/LOVE.

The good thing is, I have my dearest, kindest friend designing the pages and it’s basically NEARLY complete and ready for the printers at the end of the month. We meet in the evenings we have free and marvel at the beautiful articles, completely alive on the pages. I can’t explain how incredible it looks. We have absolutely the same ideas and together the content, mixed with the design – is just a dream. A completely independent magazine, contributed to by a plethora of brilliant, talented and creative people. I really hope you, dear readers, will love it as much as I do.

Hopefully everything will calm soon too. I am pushing myself because it’s SO real and SO close. I just *hope, HOPE* this is as wonderful as I believe it can be for everyone that reads it, enjoys it and keeps it.

At the weekend we went to the Forest of Dean and walked within the golden brown leaves, then watched Drive – something not artsy or sentimental, but at the same time – VERY artsy and sentimental. I enjoyed it. Especially this song – apt.

Speak soon x


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