Jens Lekman + Lia Ices, Live Review

In Music on October 19, 2011 at 8:58 am

The autumn leaves and dropped temperatures seem to fit perfectly with the sounds of Lia Ices. Heavenly, elongated notes look down from the night’s skies, with the fresh awareness of nature’s power upon us. Her voice comes from a forested mountainous place, it’s high, sweeping and echoes about the Thekla like mother nature calling for her ship to return.

Together with the strings, Lia Ices is prettily grandiose. It’s almost shoe gaze’s reinvigorated: nu gaze, plus dream pop with a smattering of folk. If you’re into your genres. I’d recommend that you listen to Lia Ices and make your own conclusions. Like poetry or art, this is a beauty that needs to be subjectively understood. Perhaps because it sounds so personal, heart wrenchingly stunning and Lia Ices, though with similarities to Death In Vegas, Bjork and Imogen Heap, is a genre unto herself. Her’s is a place that you might escape to and probably, alone.

Swedish musician, Jens Lekman is equally romantic – melancholic – but with the addition of witty lyrics, striking guitars and poppy beats over sweeping strings. With influences such as Belle and Sebastian and Paul Simon, Lekman is a story teller. He’s also very funny, self deprecating and dry. Ten years into his career, Lekman has a confidence on stage – enough to throw confetti over his audience, play the ‘air glockenspiel’, dance as you do when something good happens and you just can’t help yourself, as well as to hold his arms out like wings – and fly the stage.

Like the joy and happiness of innate goodness, mixed with the knowledge and heartbreak that age bestows upon you, Lekman puts the place in a delighted place, with a knowing smile. The world isn’t terribly serious here – unless of course one discusses matters of love. Then the guitar notes slow and the heart manifests itself in delicate lyrics and an almost lost, Jens. He regales stories of Kirsten Dunst visiting Gothenburg, his old hairdresser and 729 nights of the same dream, then sings about it all. And he does it oh so it well.

Black Cab will remain one of my favourite Jens Lekman songs. It’s something old, something new, something happy and something blue.

And how beautiful is Lia Ices’ song.

Lia Ices – Love is Won from Ravenhouse LTD. on Vimeo.

Here’s my review of her album.
Grown Unknown, is out now on Jagjaguwar. Jens Lekman’s Album, A Night Falls Over Kortedala is out now on Secretly Canadian.


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