gold shoes

In Diary on October 21, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Sometimes these exceptionally whimsical sayings can be positive and good. Especially in stressful times. Apparently this one is the name of a film. Also a good sort of, life motto. Especially after this answer from one of my favourite Lionheart Magazine interviewees, Maria Lindén from I Break Horses:
Bravery to me is to have your own expression, no matter what the prevailing trends are. Never compromise with what your heart says.

Amazing – yet ridiculous [aka: ridiculously amazing] shoes by Charlotte Olympia

In stark contrast to the shoes, this jumper by Joe Fresh.

‘Van der Schueren has assembled more than 100 fine examples of highly stylized polychromatic charts. These relics of the history of science, art and design offer compelling glimpses into the anatomy of a hedgehog, the inner structure of a tulip and other wonders of zoology and botany. Who says decor can’t be didactic?’ (LA Times Magazine) Quite.

Summercamp‘s new track, which you must listen, read and watch HERE. It’s dream poppy, blurry goodness.
Finally – this is a pretty video from Toast. I adore the music.

…It’s close. x


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