BANK meeting

In Diary on October 25, 2011 at 12:51 pm

You know in Cinderella, when the birds awake Cind’s? They tie the bows in her dress and sing sweet songs as she floats about? Mainly because she’s amazingly sweet, kind, destined for the Prince and of course, it’s Disney. Yes, Cinderella had it hard: she doesn’t live in the castle, horrid sisters, terrible step-mother. But she doesn’t have to deal with fighting for a job, equality issues, rising food bills, 1/4 life crises, English winters or banks.

She also has a fairy godmother.

Imagine the sanctuary.

Today my alarm pinged off, or rather droned with its silly robot dancing noise. I immediately thought about everything that was happening today. You know those days when you’ve been thinking about what it is you have to do on ‘this day’, that it’s at the forefront of your mind, even when you first awake? Well, today was BANK day.

Bank day: A meeting with a business bank advisor; describing Lionheart Magazine, discussing its finances, where it might go, cash flow, any possible issues, credit cards, tax, business plan, distribution, marketing. Everything.

Annoyingly, the dressing birds didn’t show and instead, I awoke with a big ginger cat prancing about on the bed, meowing for Whiskas. As well as some sort of hot/cold throat pain, worsened from yesterday. However, I had my coffee, gathered my documents and jumped on my bike to meet my advisor. As usual my excitement and passion came out as I discussed the magazine. We went through all the paperwork, discussed plans for the future and chatted about businesses. 60% fail in the first year. AKKA!

She was extremely helpful and enthusiastic, saying I’d sold it to her and she hadn’t even seen it! Hooray! We went through all the details of the business account, insurance and all the realistic possibilities. It was actually perfectly fine and indeed, enjoyable. I had all the information she needed and what’s more I liked discussing it, going through the nib bits.

At the end, my advisor got her card for me to contact her, from upstairs. She gave me her card, with my ‘business pack’ and then showed me a £5 note, which she said she was putting in an envelope too, then popped it in the pack. I was confused, no bank has given me money before! She smiled and said: “There you are, there’s your first sale. I really believe in you and your magazine and I hope it’s a success. Just drop in the magazine to the bank when you’ve got it printed. I’ve had a lovely time talking to you.”

I was speechless and then, almost emotional. That’s the faith right there. Amazing. A little dose of fairy godmother sprinkles, but in the real world. A world that’s far better, truer and more empowering than Disney is to a girl. Always be nice, like Cinder’s, but also believe in what you can do and what you’re doing right now, it must show!

Not very long to go now. xoxo

  1. Wow. That is incredibly excited. I have been enjoying your updates as you share your journey with us and I am so pleased that your passion is spreading. It can only mean great things!

  2. Your bank manager sounds like a very lovely person (unlike mine who is a totally idiotic swine!)…..I can’t wait for Lionheart to burst onto paper and become part of my collection of wonderful magazines I treasure 🙂 x

  3. Wow – what great news. Congrats!

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