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Both by Maison Scotch
I am currently not in bits. But sometimes when you feel like you’re in bits, you forget the bits that make you whole and who/what you want in this one shot life. This can make the world seem like a smashed kaleidoscope, within a wave machine, in pool of those bowing to their successes. Mix in a little bit of bad news, or even tragedy and everything can become simply black. The nausea goes and you can only feel your heart beating, deafening all your thoughts.

Once, a long time ago I felt I was thoroughly admist the quarter life crisis and it was awful. My life was actually very good, but the crisis I had planted on myself, because I wasn’t doing enough and wasn’t where I wanted to be, was frankly, ridiculous. The only thing that was awful, holding me back and making me hark on when a drop of red wine touched my lips was my own self confidence and fear of doing what I wanted to do. There’s no point blaming the world, the plans you made when you were 12/16/21, or the fact you’re within a ‘quarter life’. Step OUT of the ridiculous bubble and live your life. I was told this and I told myself.

So here I am, on the brink of printing the magazine, embracing all the bits that make me happy. Even if they are very small. Like a small pumpkin. Which incidentally, does make me happy. Here follow some good, current ‘bits’.

This film is called The Future, it is out on November 4th. Miranda July’s follow up to Me, You and Everyone We Know. Relevant to the above and featuring a cat.

Pretty Dress (Topshop)

Bank bits

Lahloo Pantry Green Tea + Manuka Honey Latte

Veg box

Mini Pumpkin!


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