Guest Post: Animals of London

In Creative Writing on November 9, 2011 at 7:55 am

by Jessica Furseth

It’s a Cat Power sort of morning: soft, grey and sleepy. The clouds
lie low over London even though it’s almost noon. The bodies on the
underground are not quite awake, “can you tell, can you tell,” Cat
croons in my ear, as I find a free corner to lean on. “There is
something better, you know there always is,” sings Cat, restlessly. I
step out of the station and onto the bridge, taking a moment to look
while I lean against the railings. The damp hangs heavy over the river
and the chill creeps up around my ankles. I love this city, I really
do, but she drives a hard bargain. Today London is a wet dog I want to
leave out on the porch.

My woollens are drying slowly, draped out flat on towels on my living
room floor. Winter is coming and we are responding to it: my cardigans
are washed and my winter coat is clean. Today I’m polishing my boots,
rubbing wax into the cracks against the water. Soon they will be
resting in a greasy line, ready for the rain. The bed has been moved
away from the window and the blankets are stacked; I’m braced. I’m a
flower child, stretching towards the light, grateful for the smallest
gust of warm air. Then the cold and dark sets in and we suddenly
realise we that aren’t stardust, we are animals. It feels like there’s
something to learn there, but I’m not sure what it is.


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