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In News on November 9, 2011 at 5:17 pm

For a while now, I’ve been excited over a meeting. I’ve kept quiet about it, as if it was to go well, it would change Lionheart’s future and that kind of thing makes my heart go boom, boom. It’s all about that crucial belief, when you have people that believe in your product – MAGAZINE – then it’s possibly one of the best feelings – ever. This little section of my imagination, my dream, coming together in a collection of brilliant pages, means quite a lot to me. Well, you know… a HUGE amount. I love it. The support that I have received from everyone that has already pre purchased the magazine, all of my followers on twitter/facebook and this blog, as well as the boutiques and record shops that will sell it, all of them have shown me the BELIEF!

From a large superstore, that belief is not only amazing, it’s also a bit of a game changer. So, I was jumping around with joy a few months ago when I contacted the Waitrose magazine buyer and she responded within an hour, saying she thought the magazine sounded and looked ‘fab’. I have always thought that Waitrose is the perfect place for Lionheart Magazine, its emphasis on quality, homely feel and interest in people, growth and independent suppliers appeals to me hugely. Not to mention its stylish, pretty shops that have me meandering around for far longer than it takes to buy a croissant.

For the last week, I have been thinking about this meeting, whilst sorting out the final parts of Lionheart Magazine Issue No.1. Yesterday I put a file together with the pages of the magazine, printed and ready for THE BIG print next week. I also made a little package: Montezuma’s Chilli Dark Chocolate – Inspired from afar, brave to make and produced in Sussex, where I am from. A Fairtrade Lion finger puppet – Crafty. As well as some organic strawberry, lion and mouse biscuits – team work, the lion and the mouse working together. Then some of my business cards, Lionheart Magazine: It will make you feel peachy good. All wrapped with a lace bow and in an envelope I had kept addressed to me, at ‘Lionheart’ – because it was one of the first and it was exciting. It was also yellow, my favourite colour, and I wanted to have as much luck as I could. Let me say, that I like to take little packages to people and have always baked cakes at every internship and job, written cards and plastered lions where I can. I do hope people will remember the lion, of course.

Anyway, I went armed with magazines, a massive file, the gift and an unnecessarily thick coat. I drove the hundred miles to their office, meandered around their packed car park, then found a space and sat tight for ten minutes. You can imagine. I went into their offices and waited with men from Mars, Rachel’s Organic and other large companies. “Lionheart Magazine, could you go upstairs please.” Sounded nice!

We discussed the magazine. I went through the pages, the market, inspiration and style. It clearly fits with the Waitrose ethos, stylish, beautiful, inspiring and wholesome. They normally go through distributors, BUT the buyer said in JANUARY, I could have Lionheart Magazine IN WAITROSE. I know! However, I will have to go along to individual Waitrose stores, around the country and speak to them about selling the magazine. I will be helped with this and there are various methods to get its profile raised. At the moment, my costs are very high per issue as my print run is not enormous, but the future should make it a beautifully beneficial partnership. I LOVE that Lionheart will be somewhere within reach for people to buy and keep.

Really, really good news – happy about this! Thank you Waitrose! Belief!

Now, I have to ask – I think I am going to do a mini tour with Lionheart Magazine, popping into Boutiques and cafes around the country. Maybe do little meet ups, like my focus groups. If you know of a Waitrose store near you that would benefit from some Lionheart, please let me know. I would love to hear what you think!

It’s so close now! xoxo

  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHH that’s amazing news!!! Congratulations 😀 There’s a new Waitrose opened up in Exeter that I definitely feel would benefit from stocking your amazing magazine! Seriously, so so happy for you 🙂 x

  2. I don’t think you said “Waitrose” enough in that post 😉

    Seriously though, that’s amazing news. Congrats.

  3. There’s a Waitrose in Nailsea… How flipping exciting!

  4. This is so absolutely, fantastically, exciting! I’m so so happy for you, you deserve this break so much Helen! If I can help in any way, let me know! Much love xx

  5. Great news! I’m sure Brighton Waitrose would most definitely like a big chunk of the Lion! Well done you.

  6. Yeah Hels! Very pleased for you, and very inspiring too! 🙂

  7. Hello

    I live near the small waitrose in Glasgow if you wanted me to help you out?

  8. Wow wow wow! Amazing stuff, well done you 🙂 Must be awesome when someone so big sees the potential in your product. Inspiring stuff, well done you 🙂

    ~ A fan, also starting out on her own 🙂

  9. Ooh, super! I’m working on a new bookazine at the moment as well and your stories are really good motivational kicks in the butt!

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