Guest Post: Olivia Purvis on scarf style

In Fashion on November 17, 2011 at 2:12 pm
Olivia Purvis Lionheart Magazine

If there’s one accessory not to leave the house without this winter, it’s the scarf. ‘Self explanatory!’ I hear you scream, but if I’m being completely frank, the scarf, or more-so the tartan pensioner scarf, is usually hugely taken for granted in both terms of durability, practicality and as a down right fashion statement. As soon as my calendar hits mid-October, and the leaves begin to fall I know it’s time for it to make an appearance. Now, usually I’m not a huge fan of accessorising. When it comes to the winter months, I can undeniably be a bit of a lazy dresser (can’t we all)- no diamond wrist cuffs or collar necklaces here, just a chunky knit and some comfy jeans- comfy and practical. However, this is where our friend the scarf comes in, transforming an outfit in a casual sweep, a la a French actress, non?

Last week, surprisingly my dear scarf made an appearance on my blog, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of compliments I received on it. Never did I realise what a statement it could make, nor how it brought an otherwise plain outfit to life. Comments included, ‘amazing scarf’, ‘big fan of your scarf’ and ‘love the scarf’- and there was me thinking my 50p bargain was just a winter woolly!

Additionally, the charm of a scarf is that they can usually be found for less than a pound! Think local charity shops, or if you’re feeling a little indulgent Marks & Spencer, but usually there are bargains to be had, and by the looks of things some of the A-List have already caught on, best hop to the shops!

Hope you’re well!




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