Behind the scenes at the printers

In Diary on December 5, 2011 at 9:34 am

It was extremely exciting seeing Lionheart Magazine printed onto paper. The noise and smell was captivating. I can’t explain just HOW different it all looks printed with ink onto paper. All I can say is, it’s better than I hoped and my love for print has been even further confirmed. I took them all cakes.

The ink going into the printer – each section is for one of four colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The pages come out and are tested for their colour accuracy. They are monitored by eye and by computer. One of the pages looked a bit garish, with the intensity of its yellow, so it was toned down to look perfect. Sorry, it has to be blurred. Six days to go!

Lionheart page stacks (Charlie and printer)

Other stacks of printed press. Lionheart page plates replaced a corporate pamphlet on ISAs. But this printer also creates Boneshaker Magazine – which is brilliant!

A very old printer. This one works in the same way as the enormous beast, but it’s much prettier.

The printer company have been around since 1820. They were bombed in World War II, but have been in these premises since the end of the War. Many of their machines are very old and beautiful, they’re like little steam engines.


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