Fritha Strickland at the Lionheart Launch

In Craft, Events on December 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Fritha is not only an amazing illustrator, she also has a wonderful way with words, which you’ll know if you read her blog. She is on the very BRINK of becoming a mother, but is planning on having her wares for sale and popping into the launch party. You’ll remember her from this video perhaps, beautiful and blooming! On a personal note, Fritha is great friend of mine and has been incredibly supportive throughout the making of Lionheart Magazine. I know I can always ask her advice on anything and she’ll whack some perspective down. She has also made me less terrified of pregnancy – and even birth, she’s so relaxed about the whole fandango. Beautiful, kind and full of imagination, I know she’ll make a fabulous mother.

Hello, could you introduce yourself please?
Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly Quinn, I create illustrations that I have translated onto bags, jewellery and pocket mirrors.
When did you first hear about Lionheart?
I am lucky enough to consider the editor as one of my good friends so I heard about Lionheart when it was just a cub and have seen it grow into a lion, Roar!
Where will you be travelling from to party with the lions?
I live locally, which is lucky as I am nine months pregnant!
What will you be doing/selling at the launch party?
Hels has been kind enough to let me sell some of my wearable art at the launch party!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I cant wait to see everyone’s contributions to the magazine, I know of some of the illustrators and writers who have contributed and how amazing their work is, so to see what they have come up with and all in one beautiful magazine, will be amazing. Something to cherish forever.

Follow Fritha’s blog and on twitter.

  1. I have recently discovered all you talented ladies via twitter… proud that you are a Bristol independent! Congratulations on your launch…. lou x

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