Abby Wright and Little Birdy at the Lionheart Launch

In Craft, Events on December 9, 2011 at 10:05 am

Abby has to be one of my very favourite illustrators. Her fashion illustrations blow me away and her passion for her art is inspiring. She’s also incredibly wonderful to work with. Abby has achieved so much already, with commissions from the V&A, Company Magazine and jewellery company, MADE. We have some very exciting projects we have been planning. I hope Abby will continue to illustrate for Lionheart for many, many years to come.

Hello, could you tell us your name and what you create?
My name is Abby Wright and I’m an illustrator. I specialise in fashion and portrait illustration and hope to be a full time freelance illustrator sometime soon!
When did you first hear about Lionheart Magazine?
I knew Hels through twitter, illustrated reviews for her and saw her excited tweets about wanting to start her own magazine. Just months later, I attended her focus group, discussing likes, dislikes, names, subjects and much more. I knew at this point it was going to happen, and now it’s here! Very exciting!
Where will you be coming from to party with the lions?
I’m not going to be able to be at the launch in person, sadly. I’ll be thinking of the lions from Henley-on-Thames, where I’ve just moved to. When I’m not walking along the river there and taking in the surroundings, you can find me roaming around my beautiful home of East Yorkshire.
What will you be doing/selling at the Lionheart Magazine launch party?
I will have prints of my illustrations for sale at the launch; there will only be a small amount though, so hurry along!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I’m looking forward to beautiful photography, interesting stories and enthusiastic writing! And that’s just the start, this magazine will be super special!

Follow Abby’s blog, her facebook and twitter.

Hello, could you introduce yourself please?
My name is ‘Little Birdy’ and I’m a craft chameleon who makes all sorts!- Porcelain jewellrey, hand stitched vintage animals, tea and coffee cosies, paper garlands and bunting, ’embroidrawings’, cards and most recently lots of handcrafted christmas decorations amongst other things.

When did you hear about Lionheart Magazine?
I first heard of Lionheart magazine through a crafty cousin!
Where will you be coming from?
I’ll be coming from exotic Totterdown area of Bristol to party with the lions.
What will you be selling at the Launch Party?
I shall be touting my wares at the mini market- a veritable hodge podge of colourful craftiness!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I look forward to interesting craft ideas, info and insight into other like minded crafters and events.

  1. are there any shop links to little Birdy?

    • Hi Anna,

      Little Birdy doesn’t currently have an online shop, but as soon as she does, I’ll post it on here. I will continue to badger her to start it soon, her pieces went down very well at the launch! xo

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