Hels Bells

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Helen Martin and I am embarking on the process of starting a magazine.

This will be co-ordinated entirely by myself, starting from nothing but the pure and simple faith that it shall be created – and hopefully be read. Maybe even loved? Then stacked somewhere for safe keeping and inspirational viewing for years to come. This is not about the throwaway, this is about you, me and everyone wrapping our arms around what we HAVE, and CAN DO! Blimey, there are so many inspirational people in this world, let’s celebrate them, discuss them and have loads of fun! Life’s FAR TOO SHORT for mulling over the details that confine us.

This is my dream. This here is a blog, dedicated to this dream. At a time when print is out, the media is going through a transition and we’re all assessing our bank balances, it’s on, the dream. It’s on. I may never have a mortgage, but I’m darn well making this magazine.

You can contact me at lionheartmagazine[at]
Tweet me at @lionheartmag

I’d love to hear from you.

Hels xx

Update: It’s now being launched on December 11, 2011 – wish me luck!

  1. WOW! Yes this needs to be done – thank you for being the amazing creative energy that’s made it happen. How can we help? As a (just turned) 32 year old lady who loves vintage, craft, old fims etc I’m longing to see a magazine that isn’t about throw away fashion, ‘which lipstick to wear to get a boyfriend’ etc.

    Thank you x

  2. […] event is very special, my wonderful  friend Helen has created the most beautiful printed magazine, The first issue is about bravery, and if ever […]

  3. Really love your positive attitude Helen! You are working towards something beautiful and I really wish you all the best with it! Discovered your blog through Cherry Healey’s. Looking forward to buying a copy of the mag when it’s out! x

  4. Good luck ill certainly check your magazine out. Well done madam.

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