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Abby Wright and Little Birdy at the Lionheart Launch

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Abby has to be one of my very favourite illustrators. Her fashion illustrations blow me away and her passion for her art is inspiring. She’s also incredibly wonderful to work with. Abby has achieved so much already, with commissions from the V&A, Company Magazine and jewellery company, MADE. We have some very exciting projects we have been planning. I hope Abby will continue to illustrate for Lionheart for many, many years to come.

Hello, could you tell us your name and what you create?
My name is Abby Wright and I’m an illustrator. I specialise in fashion and portrait illustration and hope to be a full time freelance illustrator sometime soon!
When did you first hear about Lionheart Magazine?
I knew Hels through twitter, illustrated reviews for her and saw her excited tweets about wanting to start her own magazine. Just months later, I attended her focus group, discussing likes, dislikes, names, subjects and much more. I knew at this point it was going to happen, and now it’s here! Very exciting!
Where will you be coming from to party with the lions?
I’m not going to be able to be at the launch in person, sadly. I’ll be thinking of the lions from Henley-on-Thames, where I’ve just moved to. When I’m not walking along the river there and taking in the surroundings, you can find me roaming around my beautiful home of East Yorkshire.
What will you be doing/selling at the Lionheart Magazine launch party?
I will have prints of my illustrations for sale at the launch; there will only be a small amount though, so hurry along!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I’m looking forward to beautiful photography, interesting stories and enthusiastic writing! And that’s just the start, this magazine will be super special!

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Hello, could you introduce yourself please?
My name is ‘Little Birdy’ and I’m a craft chameleon who makes all sorts!- Porcelain jewellrey, hand stitched vintage animals, tea and coffee cosies, paper garlands and bunting, ’embroidrawings’, cards and most recently lots of handcrafted christmas decorations amongst other things.

When did you hear about Lionheart Magazine?
I first heard of Lionheart magazine through a crafty cousin!
Where will you be coming from?
I’ll be coming from exotic Totterdown area of Bristol to party with the lions.
What will you be selling at the Launch Party?
I shall be touting my wares at the mini market- a veritable hodge podge of colourful craftiness!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I look forward to interesting craft ideas, info and insight into other like minded crafters and events.


As Petals Fall at the Lionheart Launch

In Craft, Events on December 8, 2011 at 3:56 pm

I’ve known Kate since university, she’s a very talented textile designer – her work is delicate and full of a deep love and understanding of the natural world. I’m happy for Kate as she begins her business venture, As Petals Fall and I’m very much looking forward to her crafty sessions, making moustaches, lips and lavender bags.

Hello, could you introduce yourself please?
Hello, I’m Katie a textile designer and print maker, I source and collect pretty fabrics, ribbons and vintage doilies and make things out of them, sometimes adorning pieces with my own screen printed designs.
When did you first hear about Lionheart Magazine?
I first heard of the wonderous Lion when it was still a little seed in my friend Helen’s head, it has been a joy to see her succeed in making it a beautiful reality.
Where will you be travelling from on Sunday?
Just around the corner
What will you be doing/selling at the launch party?
I will have a little ‘As petals fall’ stall at the launch selling pretty textiles such as cushions, Liberty aprons, garlands and bags as well as limited addition screen prints. I will also be doing a lavender bag workshop (an ideal homemade christmas gift for someone) and you can join me in making some swarve moustaches and lips; a perfect costume change for the sparkle filled evening.
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I am looking forward to absolutley every part of Lionheart, I just know it will be something I pour over and treasure, I will be especially thrilled to see my pieces in there and I can’t wait to see the wonderful photography by Stella Mason.

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Fritha Strickland at the Lionheart Launch

In Craft, Events on December 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm

Fritha is not only an amazing illustrator, she also has a wonderful way with words, which you’ll know if you read her blog. She is on the very BRINK of becoming a mother, but is planning on having her wares for sale and popping into the launch party. You’ll remember her from this video perhaps, beautiful and blooming! On a personal note, Fritha is great friend of mine and has been incredibly supportive throughout the making of Lionheart Magazine. I know I can always ask her advice on anything and she’ll whack some perspective down. She has also made me less terrified of pregnancy – and even birth, she’s so relaxed about the whole fandango. Beautiful, kind and full of imagination, I know she’ll make a fabulous mother.

Hello, could you introduce yourself please?
Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly Quinn, I create illustrations that I have translated onto bags, jewellery and pocket mirrors.
When did you first hear about Lionheart?
I am lucky enough to consider the editor as one of my good friends so I heard about Lionheart when it was just a cub and have seen it grow into a lion, Roar!
Where will you be travelling from to party with the lions?
I live locally, which is lucky as I am nine months pregnant!
What will you be doing/selling at the launch party?
Hels has been kind enough to let me sell some of my wearable art at the launch party!
What are you looking forward to in Lionheart Magazine?
I cant wait to see everyone’s contributions to the magazine, I know of some of the illustrators and writers who have contributed and how amazing their work is, so to see what they have come up with and all in one beautiful magazine, will be amazing. Something to cherish forever.

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Shipshape Studio

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I was just going to publish this interview with a teeny intro, including the words *pride* *craft* *dreams*, but that’s not my way. So here is a little background story first.

I met Emily through a shared passion for interesting, creative and beautiful print media, crafty homes, unease with too many exclamations marks in any articles (though I am definitely guilty of this on twitter) and coffee shops. We both felt that there was nothing out there – as one, physical creation – for girls like us. And we weren’t that different, were we? Together, we embarked on understanding the people who we felt might love what made our own hearts flutter and our sense of personal strength, grow in its belief. We conducted focus groups, walked and sat within tiny corners of cities, meandered in museums, unfolded scrap books in cafes, spent hours on Skype (withOUT the video), wrote enormous emails defining our thoughts, drank wine and discussed until the early hours and sent many texts and tweets, when flashes of inspiration hit. I also met Adam, her wonderful partner and they met Charlie and a bunch of my lovely friends. Through it all, I have gained a wonderful friend, a confidant and a believer in doing things – I hope for life. After a number of months yakking at each other, we embarked on our own projects. I can also honestly say, that without Emily and that Lionhearted foundation laid, I would not be where I am now, with Lionheart Magazine. I hope that she found all our research helpful for her own dream, too. Drum roll… which iiiiis…The AMAZING Shipshape Studio.

I am extremely happy for Emily and Adam, opening Shipshape Studio, in November. A glorious, physical Lionheart! There you can make, peruse, drink tea, eat cake and bask in a little paradise of inspiration. I am very proud of them and I wish Shipshape every success. I know how much work goes into creating something from a spark of an idea and I know Emily will have done her Excel spreadsheets properly and not been forced into them, as I have with Charlie! He hates my paper cash book. Anyway, I implore everyone to visit Shipshape Studio when they are in London. Lionheart Magazine shall be stocked in there too – ROAR!

Here follows a little interview with Emily:

Hello, could you introduce yourself and your business?
Hello! I’m Emily and I’m the co-founder of Shipshape Studio, an independent crafty venue and boutique in Northwood, a leafy part of NW Greater London. Shipshape Studio is a creative venue that hosts a wide variety of crafty classes, ranging from fabric printing, to fashion illustration, to hand-sewing. We have a cute instore lifestyle shop open Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am-6pm. It’s full of gorgeous handmade and vintage homeware, stationery, art, clothing, gifts, and books, like Lionheart Magazine. We also sell vintage fabrics and craft supplies so you can get crafting at home. We’re opening our online shop soon so that you can shop Shipshape from wherever you are. I’m very excited about our range of own-brand home and fashion accessories, designed and made by me, which will be launching in January 2012 and will be available online and instore.

What made you want to begin such a venture?
Opening Shipshape Studio has always been my dream and I feel overwhelmingly lucky. Over the past 10 years I’ve started many different projects and tried lots of different things, which have all pushed me on my creative business journey and made me work hard to realise it in opening Shipshape Studio. I’ve found that making something yourself and the support of the creativity community are very empowering so we have created a friendly and inspiring space where you can learn new skills, meet like-minded people and feel at home. Design is a big part of our classes and we really believe that anyone can give it a go. All you need is a bit of confidence and one of our talented designer-makers to guide you, and you’d be surprised at what you can achieve! We’re also big believers in small businesses and individuals, which is reflected in the products we stock and the business workshops for creatives that we will be holding in 2012.

How would you describe the style of Shipshape Studio?
Shipshape Studio is design-led, but in an approachable way. Most of our shop fittings are things that we’ve given a second life to. We’ve sanded, stained, painted, planed, built – you name it, we’ve done it! Lots of our pieces are second-hand, from charity shops and scrap yards or are repurposed pieces, such as our storage unit built from stained and painted wine-crates. We’ve thought long and hard to create a space that makes people feel comfortable as we know some people can find it a bit daunting to go to a class on your own. I really love it and I hope you will too!

What can visitors/attendees look forward to – I heard whisper of classes by some very talented crafters?
Yes, lots of crafters! You can drop in to buy some handmade and vintage goodies in our shop or stick around and sign-up for one of our classes taught by some of the finest designer-makers, crafters and artists. There are lots of different ones to choose from, and we’re always open to new ideas. The classes are all fun, friendly and with small class sizes, and we serve complimentary tea and coffee from lovely independent companies, as well as homemade cake! Not all of our classes are available to be booked online quite yet, with more being announced just before Christmas, so drop us an email to if you see one you like or have any ideas. We’re always happy to hear from you!

Do you think Lionheart Magazine would fit in well at your studio?
Absolutely! I think Lionheart Magazine fulfils a lot of things that people often find missing in their lives. Everyone’s always so busy. It’s the word I hear most often when I ask people ‘How are you?’ Busy is good, but it doesn’t leave a lot of time for the beautiful or the whimsical or to sit and think. Lionheart is definitely going to fill that gap. Craft, empowerment, wonderful writing, thoughts that make you think, and beauty. Those precious little moments of time just before bed or after dinner are no longer going to be filled with television or iPhones. I’m going to be reading Lionheart Magazine and drifting off to the wonderful world you’ve created.

the house that liberty built.

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Laura and Alfie B Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

I do love to walk around Liberty‘s wooden haven. I like to do it alone; waft around without a look to a clock, run my fingers through the silks, stare at the perfectly formed luggage for steam trains, inhale the rose scented perfumes and imagine lying on a liberty print sofa, dressed in a long loose jumpsuit, with a perfect china tea cup and a poached egg atop a waffle.

Liberty‘s A/W 2011 Print Collection is a wonder: ‘Liberty Rocks encapsulates the creativity and energy that has defined pop and rock over the last 50 years.’Each one of them immerses you in another little world. One of fantasy and possibilities outside the normal realms we dwell in. This is why I believe textile design is so fantastic and integral; each one is an imagined bubble of existence, wrapping you up and taking you somewhere you remember, or have never been before. And they’re oh so pretty of course.

Symposium C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Adelajda A Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Elizabeth Ann C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Thorgerson B Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

A Birthday C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Ornithology A Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

All fabrics available at Liberty.

Pretty Headdress and Wild Garden

In Craft on June 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

I love headdresses. As soon as they’re on, it’s like getting into character, throwing caution to the adventurous spirit within you and opening your eyes to what could be. Especially during the summer months, when the sun has the potential to be out and the festival spirit allows for more flamboyant dressing. The heated days and evenings set steam upon desires and wishes, all the better to do so with a whisker of glitter and an outfit of confident splendour.

I also think independent crafters are really, very excellent. I admire their dedication, attention to detail and creativity – Lionhearts. I was delighted to recently receive a headdress created by Ella Masters. I purchased it a little while ago and was very pleased when it arrived in its cornflake packet. It’s so pretty, made of thick tan letter and finished with buttons, lace and feathers, it shall be worn and handed down for decades of lionettes, I know already. My cat, Francois, immediately adored the headdress and of course tried to eat the feathers, but it has now been removed from his ginger paws and sits happily next to my other collected headbands and headdresses.

In other small news, I’m also happy to report that my garden has been flourishing of late and we have been eating lettuce for weeks now.

Just the lettuce, but small things and all that. Here are a couple of pictures, as I also wanted to show you the wildness of the garden. Quite – an abundance of weeds, but very pretty in my opinion. I’m planning on a little gardening bit in Lionheart Magazine. Whether you have a enormous field, modest garden, patio, balcony or window ledge, it is possible to grow something – and keep it happy and importantly, alive. After destroying many a plant, I have learnt some valuable lessons on plant maintenance these past few years and now I have flowers in the garden and eat lettuce everyday. Exactly!