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Behind the scenes at the printers

In Diary on December 5, 2011 at 9:34 am

It was extremely exciting seeing Lionheart Magazine printed onto paper. The noise and smell was captivating. I can’t explain just HOW different it all looks printed with ink onto paper. All I can say is, it’s better than I hoped and my love for print has been even further confirmed. I took them all cakes.

The ink going into the printer – each section is for one of four colours: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

The pages come out and are tested for their colour accuracy. They are monitored by eye and by computer. One of the pages looked a bit garish, with the intensity of its yellow, so it was toned down to look perfect. Sorry, it has to be blurred. Six days to go!

Lionheart page stacks (Charlie and printer)

Other stacks of printed press. Lionheart page plates replaced a corporate pamphlet on ISAs. But this printer also creates Boneshaker Magazine – which is brilliant!

A very old printer. This one works in the same way as the enormous beast, but it’s much prettier.

The printer company have been around since 1820. They were bombed in World War II, but have been in these premises since the end of the War. Many of their machines are very old and beautiful, they’re like little steam engines.


BANK meeting

In Diary on October 25, 2011 at 12:51 pm

You know in Cinderella, when the birds awake Cind’s? They tie the bows in her dress and sing sweet songs as she floats about? Mainly because she’s amazingly sweet, kind, destined for the Prince and of course, it’s Disney. Yes, Cinderella had it hard: she doesn’t live in the castle, horrid sisters, terrible step-mother. But she doesn’t have to deal with fighting for a job, equality issues, rising food bills, 1/4 life crises, English winters or banks.

She also has a fairy godmother.

Imagine the sanctuary.

Today my alarm pinged off, or rather droned with its silly robot dancing noise. I immediately thought about everything that was happening today. You know those days when you’ve been thinking about what it is you have to do on ‘this day’, that it’s at the forefront of your mind, even when you first awake? Well, today was BANK day.

Bank day: A meeting with a business bank advisor; describing Lionheart Magazine, discussing its finances, where it might go, cash flow, any possible issues, credit cards, tax, business plan, distribution, marketing. Everything.

Annoyingly, the dressing birds didn’t show and instead, I awoke with a big ginger cat prancing about on the bed, meowing for Whiskas. As well as some sort of hot/cold throat pain, worsened from yesterday. However, I had my coffee, gathered my documents and jumped on my bike to meet my advisor. As usual my excitement and passion came out as I discussed the magazine. We went through all the paperwork, discussed plans for the future and chatted about businesses. 60% fail in the first year. AKKA!

She was extremely helpful and enthusiastic, saying I’d sold it to her and she hadn’t even seen it! Hooray! We went through all the details of the business account, insurance and all the realistic possibilities. It was actually perfectly fine and indeed, enjoyable. I had all the information she needed and what’s more I liked discussing it, going through the nib bits.

At the end, my advisor got her card for me to contact her, from upstairs. She gave me her card, with my ‘business pack’ and then showed me a £5 note, which she said she was putting in an envelope too, then popped it in the pack. I was confused, no bank has given me money before! She smiled and said: “There you are, there’s your first sale. I really believe in you and your magazine and I hope it’s a success. Just drop in the magazine to the bank when you’ve got it printed. I’ve had a lovely time talking to you.”

I was speechless and then, almost emotional. That’s the faith right there. Amazing. A little dose of fairy godmother sprinkles, but in the real world. A world that’s far better, truer and more empowering than Disney is to a girl. Always be nice, like Cinder’s, but also believe in what you can do and what you’re doing right now, it must show!

Not very long to go now. xoxo

gold shoes

In Diary on October 21, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Sometimes these exceptionally whimsical sayings can be positive and good. Especially in stressful times. Apparently this one is the name of a film. Also a good sort of, life motto. Especially after this answer from one of my favourite Lionheart Magazine interviewees, Maria Lindén from I Break Horses:
Bravery to me is to have your own expression, no matter what the prevailing trends are. Never compromise with what your heart says.

Amazing – yet ridiculous [aka: ridiculously amazing] shoes by Charlotte Olympia

In stark contrast to the shoes, this jumper by Joe Fresh.

‘Van der Schueren has assembled more than 100 fine examples of highly stylized polychromatic charts. These relics of the history of science, art and design offer compelling glimpses into the anatomy of a hedgehog, the inner structure of a tulip and other wonders of zoology and botany. Who says decor can’t be didactic?’ (LA Times Magazine) Quite.

Summercamp‘s new track, which you must listen, read and watch HERE. It’s dream poppy, blurry goodness.
Finally – this is a pretty video from Toast. I adore the music.

…It’s close. x

congratulations to Lionheart contributors

In Diary on October 12, 2011 at 12:15 pm

I meant to say this a while ago; massive congratulations to Abby Wright – one of the illustrators in Lionheart Magazine and an extremely kind and inspirational lady – who illustrated the Company High Street Edit A/W Edition. It looks fantastic!

Fritha Strickland – also featuring in Lionheart Magazine in various guises – was also in the very same magazine. See here:

As was Natasha Thompson, part of the Tea & Crayons collective, like Abby and Fritha.

And in other exciting news, one of the Lionheart style writers – Olivia Purvis – has been nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Vote for Olivia, here. Good luck miss!

Love it, huge well done to them all – proud. xoxo


In Diary on October 10, 2011 at 8:20 am

It’s been very chaotic here at Lionheart HQ. I have been working extremely hard on several different things – trying to get it all working fluidly and desperately wanting to research and care for all the new feature ideas and projects that keep popping into my mind. In short, I’m working five different jobs at the moment and it’s a bit mad. Three are helping to pay for Lionheart/food – freelance writing, working in a vintage/fancy dress shop and blogging for Bath In Fashion (very exciting for Lionheart too) – then another one is a charity job (which will over in two weeks) and one of course, is the Lionheart itself. The big/main/LOVE.

The good thing is, I have my dearest, kindest friend designing the pages and it’s basically NEARLY complete and ready for the printers at the end of the month. We meet in the evenings we have free and marvel at the beautiful articles, completely alive on the pages. I can’t explain how incredible it looks. We have absolutely the same ideas and together the content, mixed with the design – is just a dream. A completely independent magazine, contributed to by a plethora of brilliant, talented and creative people. I really hope you, dear readers, will love it as much as I do.

Hopefully everything will calm soon too. I am pushing myself because it’s SO real and SO close. I just *hope, HOPE* this is as wonderful as I believe it can be for everyone that reads it, enjoys it and keeps it.

At the weekend we went to the Forest of Dean and walked within the golden brown leaves, then watched Drive – something not artsy or sentimental, but at the same time – VERY artsy and sentimental. I enjoyed it. Especially this song – apt.

Speak soon x

LFW snapshots No.2

In Diary on September 22, 2011 at 1:35 pm

Just strutting.

Cake in the Corrie Nielsen goodie bags - Oooh! Sugar!

Amazing dress

Incredibly relaxed in this multi-thousand pound dress and high rise heels. Sat next to me to chat – popping up to have photos taken every six seconds. Casual.


True frozen yoghurt heaven

Swanning about.

Mood board at Topshop Newgen – I love this

I also love this.

Holly Fulton

Holly Fulton

Michael Van Der Ham mood board

Rave/cycling squirrel

Mood board beauty. Resembles my own Lionheart desk/ my thousands of scrap books. Gives me hope.

Do love that she uses cotton buds.

Goddess dress

LFW snapshots No.1

In Diary on September 21, 2011 at 8:35 pm

I didn’t mean to do this, but check out the Panama. Another one chalked for the hat.

For some reason, I see Harrison Ford when I look at this hat. A Harrison Ford movie. A beautiful woman, a man with stubble, moody tendencies and a strong jaw – bit of a Don Draper. Hate/love/hate/love/love.

Right next to Harrison Ford. I can’t even explain how perfect this is/would be. Perfect.


Boots are brilliant.

Can you imagine? Like a thousand chocolate ad’s mixed with the Labyrinth and a Midsomer Night’s Dream.

Hat people.

Wearing very nice nightwear and drinking gin. Onboard a train.

This looked stunning. Long, floaty and important.

Really cool workwear.

Goddess shoes

Serious fashion.

Pretty stairs

Presenter within a circle of fabric streaming girls. Equally hilarious and ridiculous.

I know.

The sparkle was blinding.

Perfect accessories.

Zandra Rhodes



In Diary on September 15, 2011 at 10:27 am

What a week. It’s been a learning experience and one with a diary allowing no space for the above. Not that you could lie on a beach now in the UK. I’m sure I only had about three days actually sitting outside in the sun this year. Those days basking on Cornish beaches are currently taking a break. That said, I’ve spent a long time outside this week, cycling in the wind and rain, freezing at bus stops, taking photos and playing washing wars. For this, I’m mostly grateful. Sometimes though, you just need a strong tea (strong, but milky) and well… a bunch of Co-op flowers. This supermarket bunch (complete with carnations) was bestowed upon me by my lovely bf, who spent the weekend on a Cornish beach incidentally. He works hard, we work hard, time together is good time. These flowers have boosted my morale. I feel like my mother. Flowers just work for me, they’re beautiful and looked marvelous here in the morning, autumn light. I felt sad for the flowers that I’m away for a couple of days, so I took a couple of photos.

I’m going to London for London Fashion Week (only a few shows- not a big league mag. just yet) and seeing CityCityCity friends, so I’ll let you know how that goes and take the nice camera with me.


In Diary on August 9, 2011 at 2:41 pm


Imagine, if you will. That you’re running. You’re running through fields of corn and wildflowers. To an oasis of calm, where fear doesn’t reside. Your breathing is gentle and strong arms surround you. You’re safe and because of this, life for you is as sweet as a honeybee’s. Looking out for other buzzing bees, you work in your hive, drink nectar, then drift and float drunkly in the haze.

Imagine you’re running. You’re running away, because you’re scared. For your breathing, for your calm, for your life, for other’s lives. Fear shoots through you as your hive is destroyed and your wings can’t take you away fast enough. The arms you thought would only ever be wrapped around you, have loosened. You’re scared.

No one wants to have this fear of continued and further rioting, it’s suffocating and pointless. It’s senseless violence and stealing, proving that there are people who really, genuinely just don’t care. Why it’s happening must be tackled, but it needs to stop. It’s ruining and sad for millions of innocent people. No one should feel unsafe in places they’ve never considered dangerous, like their homes and businesses. Rioting has occurred many times before in this world, it’s true, but it is definitely not the answer. Anger and violence is never the answer.

Thoughts are with London and with everyone.

Where shall we go?

In Diary on July 17, 2011 at 4:06 pm


Apparently, as well as sweeping generalisations, I like to place items, people and thoughts into decades and centuries. I’ve been told this many a time. I suppose I do. However, I think by placing something within a world of pre-considered sensations, adding new ones as time passes and libraries grow, makes for a place you can walk within.

Breathe in the scents, hear the voices and wildlife, walk the fashions, drink the spirits and bask in the weather and conversation. Or just watch from afar. Many places I think about, I’ve never been to before in my life – including the vast majority of time – but I will imagine them from thoughts, tiny snippets and emotions. Through this I can create a colourful place, that I like to describe with words. Whether it’s realistic, I couldn’t tell you, but it’s good to walk through. It’s good to get away. And this is just the beginning really isn’t it?

Here follow some places: