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Guest Post: Olivia Purvis on scarf style

In Fashion on November 17, 2011 at 2:12 pm
Olivia Purvis Lionheart Magazine

If there’s one accessory not to leave the house without this winter, it’s the scarf. ‘Self explanatory!’ I hear you scream, but if I’m being completely frank, the scarf, or more-so the tartan pensioner scarf, is usually hugely taken for granted in both terms of durability, practicality and as a down right fashion statement. As soon as my calendar hits mid-October, and the leaves begin to fall I know it’s time for it to make an appearance. Now, usually I’m not a huge fan of accessorising. When it comes to the winter months, I can undeniably be a bit of a lazy dresser (can’t we all)- no diamond wrist cuffs or collar necklaces here, just a chunky knit and some comfy jeans- comfy and practical. However, this is where our friend the scarf comes in, transforming an outfit in a casual sweep, a la a French actress, non?

Last week, surprisingly my dear scarf made an appearance on my blog, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of compliments I received on it. Never did I realise what a statement it could make, nor how it brought an otherwise plain outfit to life. Comments included, ‘amazing scarf’, ‘big fan of your scarf’ and ‘love the scarf’- and there was me thinking my 50p bargain was just a winter woolly!

Additionally, the charm of a scarf is that they can usually be found for less than a pound! Think local charity shops, or if you’re feeling a little indulgent Marks & Spencer, but usually there are bargains to be had, and by the looks of things some of the A-List have already caught on, best hop to the shops!

Hope you’re well!




Temperley S/S 2012

In Fashion on September 29, 2011 at 2:10 pm

My love for Temperley has only been strengthened by the S/S 2012 show. Inspired by Grace Kelly and the beauties of the silver screen, the collection is elegant, luxurious and full of theatrical and real movement. It’s not brash or blinding, but delicate and extremely beautiful. Light cream, iced blue and tan colours, sit with bright red lips and silk headscarfs, guiding you around the pool and across the lawns, to the sea. Stirring a Tom Collins, the world looks as if it were a dream. As if it were something from a film.

What with the weather clearly having some kind of heat rush, time spent looking and lusting after this Temperley goodness seems justified. Temperley dress in the evening; completely viable for right about now. Were it not for the sun being so low and the brown leaves scattering the floors, I’d think we were in a time when August used to be muggy and hot in England. Alas, I am sure next week the knitwear will reign again.

All photos c/o Temperley Press

Arbiter Elegantiarum – Corrie Nielsen at London Fashion Week S/S 2012

In Fashion on September 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm

All photography by Christopher Dadey

I watched Edward Scissorhands when I was probably too young. Actually, I would say definitely, I was too young. Unlike E.T. which left me in tears, Sir Scissorhands left me in a dream like shock. Firstly; I was in love with Edward, which meant that Danny Larusso was out, and secondly; I had so much empathy for the love/scissor situation, I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. Most importantly however, the music and atmosphere of the film seemed to sail me away on a darker ship of imagination. It was the beautiful misery, the comfort with gothic/death/love and lust, and the ethereal snow globe in which Burton placed all of his characters.

The theatrics is one of my favourite aspects of London Fashion Week. If you are left with a resounding feeling, the designer has ticked some serious boxes. Lust is only half of high fashion, the other feelings are those that set you upon a ship to some form of inspiration. My very favourite sort of feeling (see: Scissorhands), is that of slight discomfort, awe and the wonder that you’ve been left within the story for a while afterwards.

I wrote about Corrie Nielsen’s A/W 2011 collection (for Amelia’s Magazine), after attending her show in February:
Then two show stopper dresses came out. One nearly pure, off white with a hooped top skirt, corseted top, long train and beautiful headpiece, wrapped around the model’s blonde hair. With ballet satin encased feet, this was ghostly, heavenly and adventurous in one. It appealed to me through its theatre, gracefulness and just off purity. The dress had character, frivolity and fantasy wrapped up. Spiced up innocence, a thrown out of her castle, princess. What did she do to be ejected? For me, although more Elizabethan perhaps in design than Victorian, this was Hardy’s; Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Walking over the hills, her boots worn through, her daze; a story.

For me, Corrie Nielsen completely captures the sort of fantasy, gothic and historical referencing I adore. Therefore I was exceptionally excited to see her S/S 2012 show. My review follows after this short video by me (thus not terrible amazing quality). Click on this post’s title to see it full sized.

The congested lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling, dimly lit and sensual, watched from above as the audience filtered in and sat on their pews. Expectation could be felt smoothly across the top of the room, like a stiff, important foam atop a coffee. The morning of the first day of LFW S/S 2012, this was just the beginning. Eventually, the lights dimmed further, backs straightened and noses rose up.

Oriental, slow and sombre music, mixed together with the tweet of spring time birds.

A model walked out slowly, dressed in a structured black buttoned jacket. Her hair centre parted and eyebrows thick. The music’s slow and purposeful sound, was matched by the footsteps. Following her, was a model in a white, very high necked, sheer balooning sleeved shirt, a white waistcoat and white high waisted tapered trousers.

The latter – almost angelic, yet highly composed – outfit perhaps most clearly displayed Corrie Nielsen‘s inspiration for her collection; Oscar Wilde’s, The Picture Of Dorian Gray. The text – dealing with beauty, lust, immortality, horror and dark corruption – has been mixed with Japanese influences to create these refined long, tailored jackets, pleating and powerful shapes that both sway with their architectural prowess and float with femininity.

All photography by Christopher Dadey

The looks that followed were coloured black, white, navy, pewter, light green or shiny gold. Corrie Nielsen is simple in her colour palette, rather making statements through the shape of her pieces. Sometimes with a dash of flowered detailing, they are always smartly structured, and often oversized in some aspect; whether through the sleeves, ruffled or loose necklines, or long, long length. Oriental silk wrapped around the shoulders and torso of one model and the trouser suits were made slighly loose, soft and feminine, helped by the shorter, floaty sleeve and despite the bustled, formal necklines.

As the show progressed peplums started appearing. Necklines remained high and voluminous, structured shapes still dominated, working perfectly with the strong eyebrows and pretty, Japanese inspired, loose buns. My favourite dress of the show was exceptionally strong in shape and yet vulnerable, in that it was white and strapless. It looked boned from the top to the bottom, but doll like. It was a dress of contradictions, yet worked like a powerful shot of feminine strength. Unapologetically intelligent, elegant and beautiful.

“But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face.” The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Pencil skirts, abundance, silk and structure, mixed with elegance and beauty. The lady I saw in the winter hills of Nielsen’s A/W collection, is now in a more delicate, less whimsical surrounding – yet equally powerful. Still she nods to Victoriana, but now she has travelled and has a certain knowingness that has more of a late 30s/early 40s feel – a woman contemplating, but you’re not sure what about. The darkness of Victoriana, also has the added element of magic, secret whispers and mystery, aided by the obvious Japanese influence and sharp tailoring.

“You are a wonderful creation. You know more than you think you know, just as you know less than you want to know.” The Picture Of Dorian Gray

(Nearly) Autumn = Knitwear

In Fashion on September 5, 2011 at 8:10 am

Aleila Jacket by Toast

I am getting ahead of myself, just slightly but to me, Autumn is as exciting as spring. Actually, I think it’s more exciting than spring. I love new boots, berries on the trees and knitwear in abundance. It’s not cold enough to freeze your nose off, there are pretty red and brown leaves on the trees and long walks become story like & fantastical. The temperature has decreased, but it’s ok, the sun may be lowering, but the lighter evenings haven’t nipped away just yet and the light somehow always has a beautiful, dappled quality to it. I think Autumn is also verrrry glamorous; visions of grandeur fill my mind and ambition with renewed excitement.


Limoncello Knitwear

Ely Kishimoto

Ou Polloi of Manchester

Rea Coat by Toast


In Fashion on August 11, 2011 at 4:46 pm

Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

The other day I met up with the stylist for the Lionheart fashion shoot. The fashion shoot is something that will have to be done artfully, as the Lionheart budget isn’t too hot. However, I – along with many other people like me – spend my time working out ways of doing what I would like, creatively. This goes for everything, from food to interiors and of course, fashion. Ultimately I prefer this; I think extra hard about what I purchase, try my hand at crafting more often and through one incredible piece, have a sense of satisfaction that beats any sort of unnecessary bulk buy. Fast fashion isn’t my bag, but beautiful pieces with stories behind them definitely works.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was sat with the stylist Sian Hogan, and we were discussing all and sundry. I couldn’t describe what I wanted for the shoot, a million words instead of a sentence or two, and a scrap book rammed with an explosion of ideas. However, after sitting, drawing, thinking and pondering, it was of course obvious as to what would be perfect. We don’t want to create something that is necessarily what you would be expecting. This will be a fashion shoot, but purely from us and not motivated by what’s on the High Street.

Though, there will be some high end fashion influences within the shoot and the magazine. Issue one will feature an interview with ethical fashion designer Jeff Garner, of Prophetik – his story, words of inspiration and thoughts on style are meant to be remembered. I was absolutely in awe when I watched his show at London Fashion Week this February. Another collection (this one I didn’t see live) – and designer – that struck a chord is that of Temperley’s – truly wonderful, feminine and glamorous. Each piece holds a story, full of sophistication and beautiful adventure.

Several of my favourite A/W 2011 Temperley pieces follow:

Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

Temperley A/W 2011

As an aside; my most desired wedding dress by Temperley

the house that liberty built.

In Craft, Fashion on July 5, 2011 at 9:32 am

Laura and Alfie B Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

I do love to walk around Liberty‘s wooden haven. I like to do it alone; waft around without a look to a clock, run my fingers through the silks, stare at the perfectly formed luggage for steam trains, inhale the rose scented perfumes and imagine lying on a liberty print sofa, dressed in a long loose jumpsuit, with a perfect china tea cup and a poached egg atop a waffle.

Liberty‘s A/W 2011 Print Collection is a wonder: ‘Liberty Rocks encapsulates the creativity and energy that has defined pop and rock over the last 50 years.’Each one of them immerses you in another little world. One of fantasy and possibilities outside the normal realms we dwell in. This is why I believe textile design is so fantastic and integral; each one is an imagined bubble of existence, wrapping you up and taking you somewhere you remember, or have never been before. And they’re oh so pretty of course.

Symposium C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Adelajda A Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Elizabeth Ann C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Thorgerson B Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

A Birthday C Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

Ornithology A Tana Lawn, Liberty Art Fabrics

All fabrics available at Liberty.


In Fashion on June 30, 2011 at 8:49 am

Picture from toggs

Australia being generally hotter than Blighty, means that they’re used to running about in summer outfits – it’s not just one day of heatstroke for them, they have whole seasons of HOT. I can only say that I am exceptionally jealous, as whilst I literally turn blue in the cold, I can bask in ridiculously high temperatures quite happily. Having said that, when I lived in Australia for one, warm year, I got to the point when I longed for knitwear, trousers and shivery nights stood on cobbled streets, the rain pelting down, illuminated by iron lamps.

I digress. The point is Australian’s have marvelous swimwear that fits like it should and looks darn good.

For boys: TOGGS

For girls: Zimmerman